My 13 year old and I have, in the past few years, started to become more and more fond of Thanksgiving. We lament that no-one seems to appreciate it as much as we do; on the other hand, we’re glad it’s not as commercialized as the other holidays.

In the spirit of the holiday I’ve decided to write a blogpost once a day about something I’m thankfull for. There are others doing this, such as John Scalzi and Kelly Swails, and–well, it seems like a good idea. As well as good practice for getting used to working in this particular format.

As we’re 2 days into November already, I’m posting two things to be thankful for.

1) The internet. yeah, I know that seems to be a shallow thing to be thankful for, but in terms of finding amazing friends, like-minded folks, people who are passionate about the same things I am–it’s been an enormous boon. Not to mention a great way to get a leg up on my writing career.

2) The school bus that picks up and drops off my 13 year old every school day. Because of cuts in education, the gifted class at her school was eradicated.  She had the choice of being able to go to a middle school she’d tried to get into a couple of years ago. And very conveniently the bus gets her there, allowing me not to drive in nasty wearher, and forcing her to take ownership of her morning routine. Sort of.


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