The Rest of Thanksgiving

Yeah, I sure fell down on the rest of the thankfulness posts.  C’est la guerre.  As a snapshot, let me say I’m thankful for:

  1. The human body, in all its amazing diversities and functions.
  2. Cranberries.  Because yum.
  3. My spaceheater.
  4. My dieting friends who understand very well what body issues are like, and who unfailingly give support.
  5. I want to say diet Coke, but DC and I are undergoing containment right now.  Diet Coke, I love you, but I don’t think I can continue to consume you in anything approaching past quantities.
  6. The internet.  I don’t have to elucidate, do I?
  7. Flannel sheets.
  8. My green leather bomber jacket my dad bought for me the winter before I was married.  It’s lasted in fine shape for 21 years with only some discoloration here and there–pretty much my go–to outwear between October and April.  Best $88 ever spent, Dad.
  9. The increasing presence of Muslim women on the net, and their bravery in speaking out, making their voices heard.  Too many have spoken for them.
  10. Plaid.
  11. Big Bang Theory–the show.  Ok, I know it’s oversexed and all, but I am seriously appreciative for the spin they put on the women characters.  It’s a show that’s not afraid to cast differently sized women as love interests–and never a mention of size is made.  NEVER.  So in addition to Penny (who does not fit the usual image of a coat rack I see so much on network tv), who, though slim, has a “certain corn-fed vigour”, there’s Bernadette, who is short and busty (and seriously, when do you see a truly busty woman on tv?), and Amy Farrah Fowler, who is stocky.  Although jokes are made about every other aspect–dress, hair, social awkardness–their bodies are left alone.  It’s the one show I can watch and not feel as if I’m an outsider looking in.  THANK YOU.
  12. My daughter’s sudden interest in Egypt and learning Arabic.
  13. My antidepressants.
  14. The Online Writer’s Workshop.  I’m not a shill, it’s just something I believe in and am thankful for.  Without it, I never would’ve made so many friends in the writing community–hell, I probably wouldn’t be in the writing community at all.
  15. Music.  Music, music, music.
  16. My temp agency.
  17. The nice people at my husband’s workplace who gave him a good review and a raise.
  18. Robert Shaw and his singers.

Whew, I think that does it!


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