Last Chapter

I’m staring the last chapter in the face.  I think I’m supposed to actually split this last chapter into two chapters.  I’m sort of terrified, which is not helping it get done any the sooner.  Also, after start to read an SF book by a Hugo-award winning author that contains more cliches than a green bean casserole does fried onions, of unthinkingly employing absurbedly trite tropes.  So for inspiration, and mindfulness, I’m looking through this site.  It’s amusing.

The Grand List of Overused Scence Fiction Cliches.


2 thoughts on “Last Chapter

  1. Not being a writer, I’m not sure why you would think you were supposed to split the last chapter, other than to perhaps provide consistency to the format of the work or maybe to provide a sense of closure that really needed to be described separately. Regardless, you appear to be taking appropriate considerations. The reference to overly used cliches is great! Good luck!

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