Mexican-American, Native-American Writers Silenced in Arizona Schools

First of all, a ban on Mexican-American studies?  What the fuck?  Excuse me, but didn't Mexcians and other Spanish speaking persons contribute ENORMOUSLY to this country?  And then not only is this not a subject for curricula in the schhols, but then to go so far as to ban books by Mexican American and Native American authors?

This is beyond vile.  This is silencing.  Disappearing.  It's forced assimilation all over again.

Tucson schools bans books by Chicano and Native American authors

Who’s afraid of “The Tempest”? Arizona’s ban on ethnic studies proscribes Mexican-American history, local authors, even Shakespeare

Supposedly this whole ban on Mexican American studies and writers has to do with “ethnic chauvinism.” Wait, what? Damn me for not paying attention.

School Suspends Mexican-American History Program To Comply With Arizona’s Ban On Ethnic Studies

This is just sickening.


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