WisCon Panels

Panels I might attend:

Religious Agenda in SF
What Is Feminist Spirituality in Science Fiction and Fantasy?
“But it’s not *for* girls!”
Body Acceptance: From All Sides
Feminist Bottoms
Feminist Perspectives on Elder Care
Kink, Feminism, and Fiction Role Models?
Men Talking To Men About Sexual Assault
Cultural not-appropriation
I may be blonde, but I’m not 20 and I don’t actually physically kick ass.
Biology and Engineering
Representations of Disability in Science Fiction
Would I be taller if I were born on Mars?
A Thousand Times No: Handling Rejections
Agents in the Emergent E-Publishing World
Critique Groups: How to Give and Take a Critique
Introduction to Broad Universe
Newly Professional Older Writers: What Helps, What Hinders
Short Stories vs Novels
Girl Cooties: Considering the Romance Novel
The Arab/Muslim “East” in SF
The Tiptree Award: Analyzing the Winners
The Wild West Was ALWAYS a Fantasy
What do you never need to see again?

Panels I want to be on:

America Without Roe v. Wade
Reproductive Justice in SF/F: A continuing conversation
Sex Ed (and parenting, teaching, and mentoring teens) (maybe)
It’s Actually Quite Hard to Rip a Bodice: How to Use (and Not Abuse) Historical Details in Fiction

Mind you, not all of these may actually come to fruition–and of the ones that do eventually make it, some of them I won’t be able to attend.  But!  You can see there’s a lot of stuff going on….  And readings!


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