Locus Round Table on Greg Egan

Roundtable on Greg Egan

I really want to get my hands on as much Egan as possible–I keep hearing about what a hard SF guy he is, but so far what I’ve been able to read hasn’t been all that hard.  No diss to him; he’s just hard to find.  (And I don’t have the money right now to order new books, so I must scrounge through used bookstores and libraries.)


3 thoughts on “Locus Round Table on Greg Egan

    1. And I think that’s a shame. There’s apparently a bunch of talented Australian authors whose works are just not available here. (Frex Bruce Courtenay, who is just crack to me.)

      Sadly, I’ve only read two, Teranesia and Zendegi.

      1. The odd thing is that, as noted in the Locus roundtable, many consider Egan to be one of the most important SF writers of the last twenty years. You might think that would make up for his being Australian, but apparently it doesn’t.

        Teranesia and Zendegi are probably the most accessible of his novels. (His least might be Incandescence and Schild’s Ladder.) Distress remains my favorite.

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