Aurora Shooting

My husband woke me up this morning at 6:30 to tell me “something terrible happened in Colorado.”  I was awake at once–because in this day and age, anything is possible.  He told me that some guy had gone into the midnight showing of Batman and shot up the place.

We both found it particularly horrifying that something like this would happen at an event where people are gathered in a spirit of anticipation, excitement, pleasure.  We knew that there would be children among the dead and wounded, because we know how fan parents with fan kids act–a dad and his daughter make a special summer date to stay up late and go see something they’ve both been excited about since the first trailer–a geeky bonding moment.  We knew there might be even babies among the casualities–young parents who can’t get a babysitter and who figure their baby will sleep through it since it’s so late.  We knew there would be plenty of teenagers there who managed to convince their parents to let them go.

This is something that really hit close to home for me–of course, every mass shooting has horrified me, whether here in the U.S. or elsewhere.  But this one–happening at a spec fic (and yes, Batman is spec fic) event–distresses me in a partiular way.

I hope with all my heart that peace and resolution can eventually come to all the families of the slain and wounded, to those who witnessed it, and to the family of the shooter.  (I also have to spare a thought to the theater employees and to the people involved in making the movie.  How awful for them, too.)

And now am I worried about my family’s safety if we go to a movie?  Well, sure.  I know on the one hand that’s a bit silly.  But on the other hand–it may be a couple of weeks.  We’ll read some books, instead.


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