Spanish Language Track At 71st World SF Con in San Antonio

In reading about LonestarCon, the 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention, I see that there’s going to be an entire Spanish language track.

Progress Report 2

Holy shit, this is a big deal.

And now I’ve got questions.  The update on the internet says There will be a Spanish language track, so tell us your favorite Spanish language writer, graphic novels, or SF movies/TV. Help us develop a full and interesting Spanish-language track of programming, as this is a great chance to expose a whole new audience to Spanish science fiction and fantasy.

What about regular tracks that are translated?  What about readings?  What if some of the Spanish language stuff, in order to reach a wider group, wants to be translated into English?  What if some of the English langage stuff vice-versa?  What if you don’t speak Spanish but you want to know more about Spanish-language SF?  What if you don’t speak English?

If I want to do a reading of my English-written story, can I translate it into Spanish and read it?  (And NO, I’m not talking about running it through Babelfish; dios mio santo.)

What do you know about it?  Let’s discuss!


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