Archangel on Audible

Just a heads up, Archangel is on Audible as well! Archangel as an audiobook. 11 hours, 5 minutes, read by Dina Pearlman. If you’ve enjoyed Archangel in this format, please consider dropping by Audible with a review.  Thanks!

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Snap from Armadillocon 37

From the Armadillocon website:  ArmadilloCon 2015 panel on the relevance of Hugo awards, a.k.a the Sad Puppies debacle. Left to right: Michelle Muenzler, Jacob Weisman, Lou Antonelli, Marguerite Reed, and Justin Landon. The panelists mostly agreed that no matter what one thinks about this year’s Hugo slate, we should still vote for Hugos, because a […]

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